Our vision is to have an open technology platform for OEMs, carriers, retailers and eCommerce platforms that will bring efficiency and transparency to the fragmented secondary market for mobile devices and services.


We are building a technology stack that will revolutionize the mobile device ownership experience. 

A Look Inside The TessaB Ecosystem

TessaB Fulfill

Smart contracts that govern ecosystem transactions including device trade-ins, purchases, buyback programs, and protection plans using advanced mobile device diagnostics technology.

TessaB Protect

Blockchain-powered device protection coverage for both new and pre-owned devices. The first accidental damage protection plans available to phones consumers already own.

TessaB History

A comprehensive blockchain registry of the diagnostics and transactional history of all devices within the TessaB ecosystem.

TessaB Connect

Mobile app platform that is the gateway for consumers to run mobile diagnostics to conduct transactions, register warranties, access technical support, and their digital wallet to send and receive digital assets. Vendor dashboard enables ecosystem partners to access customer data and power a differentiated customer experience.

TSB Digital Assets

TSBs will provide ecosystem partners user-friendly digital assets that will be earned when participants add value to the ecosystem running device diagnostics and conducting transactions.